22nd June - The hot weather is coming!

Good morning Year 6!


I hope you have all had a really lovely week enjoying being back at school or continuing to be superstars at home. I am enjoying your responses to your work on Seesaw - keep it up. 


There have been a lot of changes to life over the last week: we have the opening of non-essential shops and many sports have begun again. Has this affected your life?


It is important at the moment to keep in touch with the latest news developments as there is so much going on around the world at the moment.

One resource which you can access for free is First News - https://subscribe.firstnews.co.uk/free-downloadable-issue/


Here is the Picture News for this week

Picture News Newspaper 22nd June

Talking points for assembly

Picture News Poster

Learning from home ideas

Questions for the assembly

Questions to complete

Wild animal fact file

Wild animal silhouette


Sun Safety

The weather is set to become really hot this week so please stay safe by using the motto 

Cream: - Wear suncream

Cool: Stay in the shade during the warmest parts of the day

Cover: Cover up - hats, t-shirts, sunglasses

Sun safety video

Sun safety poster design



Please remember we still need videos of memories, funny stories, thank yous from you to prepare for Leavers.

Send them to c.davis@maltonprimary.org or a.harrison@maltonprimary.org 



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