Welcome to Acorns!

We have already had a busy start to the year in Acorns. The children have settled in well to the class and school routines and expectations. It is lovely to see them so full of beans every day and eager to explore and share their thoughts.



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A busy start to the year!

Class Shakespeare have had a busy start to the year, with us attending a 3-day residential to East Barnby, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. The children took part in a variety of activities, such as: canoeing, body boarding and beck scrambling. It was great to see the children challenge themselves and some even overcame their fears.

Our line of enquiry this term is, ‘How does Britain compare to South America?’. The children have already looked at where South America is located in the world, which countries it consists of, the populations of these countries and some of the languages that are spoken across South America. The children would like to learn about the different climates in South America and how they compare to Britain; they would also like to research the Amazon rainforest, how big it is, what animals live there and whether people live in the Amazon Rainforest?

In writing we have developed our understanding of diary writing, where we have written a diary entry about being in the Amazon Rainforest. We encouraged the children to use detail and emotion to hook the reader. Whilst we were at East Barnby, we asked the children to create a diary entry about their days, to show that writing has a purpose. We have revised the different sentence structures e.g. simple, compound and complex sentences and we have looked at the difference between active and passive sentences.

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One Giant Step For Man....

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What have we been up to?

In Class Oaks we are continuing to look at rhyming stories. We have enjoyed the Hairy Mclary stories and Ronald the Rhino. We have been exploring textures of nature inspired by The Gruffalo and have even made leaf hedgehogs!This week we are looking in depth at the number 4. Please support us by looking out for the number four in the environment when out and about or at home. Perhaps it will be the numeral 4, the word four or a pictorial representation such as on a die.


In phonics we have looked at

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Class Benz

Welcome to Class Benz.