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Sports Premium


If you would like to read in depth about how we invest our Sports Premium Funding and our intentions for further investment during 2017-18 then please follow this link to the Sports Premium Funding Impact document.

Look at our investment last year for April 2015 - April 2016 on this link Sports Premium Funding Impact 2015 - 2016

Please also see our Sports Premium Funding summary for the tax year 2017/2018.


Motivation. Confidence. Competence. Resilience.

Our vision is to help children develop a thirst and motivation for lifelong physical activity. With the help of Sports Premium Funding we are creating an environment where more children can be more active, more often. Through this we are ensuring that all children have an opportunity to develop resilience in order to be future-ready and instilled with healthy habits for life.


In 2016 the sustainable and impactful use of our Sports Premium Funding was regnoised by the Youth Sport Trust and Sainsburys' School Games. We were awarded a Gold Sportsmark from both bodies. We also recieved the North Yorkshire Sport and Yorkshire Region award for whole school improvement through the use of sports premium funding.



Here are all the fantastic ways that we are investing our Sports Premium Funding…

 Please click here to view how we spend our sports premium funding.

Subject Leadership and CPD

We employ a full-time specialist physical education teacher. Mr Allman is responsible for leading all aspects of the school’s Sport and PE development.


These responsibilities include:

  •  PE curriculum design.
  • Monitoring and assessment.
  • Delivering PE CPD to staff.
  • Organising competitive sports.
  • Leading house system.
  • Creating opportunities for children to be more physically active.
  • Strategic & purposeful investment of Sports Premium Funding.


Physical Education

Here is what your child’s physical development journey will look like at Malton Community Primary School.

  • EYFS children work towards achieving their early learning goals in physical development, moving and handling. Through areas of outdoor provision, children are able to choose and explore different ways of moving, balancing and handling in a fun, safe environment. They also begin learn how to interact and communicate with other children and assess risk.
  • KS1 children experience a broad range of activities that focus upon developing their physical literacy. A child who is physically literate is able to confidently move, balance, kick, throw and catch with success. In this key stage children take part in their first whole class PE lesson and have the opportunity to attend after-school physical activity clubs.
  • KS2 children begin to apply their general movement skills to sport-specific skills. As they progress through the key stage each child will experience modified versions of many different sports. They will learn basic rules and regulations, have the the opportunity to coach others and umpire activities involving younger children to develop their leadership skills. PE also provides opportunity for children to learn about how the body works, the importance of a healthy lifestyle and develop essential life skills through applying the school learner characteristics.


School Swimming

Sports Premium Funding does not directly fund this. However, as a result of investing in specialist subject leadership and the expertise of Mrs Smith, we have a flourishing swimming programme that ensures each child from Y4-Y6 has access to a full course of Swimming Lessons annually. Our partnership with the local swimming pool and Everyone Active also ensures that children have an extended pathway into swimming outside of school.


Physical Activity & After-School Clubs

We keep children physically active in a number of ways throughout the school day:

  • Classroom enviroments are open plan to support a culture of collaboration and encourage puposeful movement routines.
  • Flexible break times during the afternoon ensure children get an additional 15-minutes of moderate-vigorous physical activity each day.
  • GoNoodle and classroom Yoga activities are used to provide active brain-breaks throughout the day and link to wider areas of the curriculum.
  • Luchtime Games-Makers  supervise and lead fun playground games every lunchtime for younger children.
  • Sports Ambassadors & Sports Apprentices lead active learning challenges with younger children each week; supporting their development in wider areas.
  • Active Numeracy and Active Phonics are used to support children’s learning across the curriculum. This gives children the chance to use and apply their learning in a physically challenging environment.
  • After-school clubs run throughout the week. Activities vary each term and all children from Y1-Y6 have the opportunity to access a clubs. Clubs aim at maintaining high participation in popular activities such as Football and Dance; complimented by range of clubs to introduce new activities and target a wider audience. We have just launched our ParkRun.
  • Clubs are led by school staff members and when the specialist expertise of external coaches is sought, staff members take advantage of the extra opportunity for PE CPD.



Competitive Sport & Working in Partnership

We are members of the Malton Primary Schools Sports Partnership. This ensures that we have access to membership of the Youth Sports Trust to benefit teaching resources and the most recent physical education CPD. We also gain access to Sainsbury’s School Games competitions each term in which we have had many successes. A major benefit of being part of this partnership is the role that it plays with Y6 transition. Year 6 children attend weekly PE sessions at Malton School sports centre. Here they can familiarise themselves with the secondary school and experience aspects of KS3 PE delivered by specialist teachers.

We have floruishing school House System. Children are affiliated to one of four houses and regularly compete in a variety of inter-house activities culminating in Sports Day and Sports Week during the summer months. As well as creating additional opportunities to be physically active and experience competitive sports; the house system also contributes towards ensuring standards of behaviour and attendance continue to improve.



You can also visit our PE and Sports section



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