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As we are living in uncertain times at the moment and transition to secondary school is different this year. Mrs Carpenter decided to share a tip book on the website for you and child, as usually they get a copy from me to leave with. Please click on the link below to access this:



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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Reppold Headteacher: Deputy DSL, Pupil Premium Lead, Curriculum Lead, Leader for Writing and Geography

Miss Anderson: Assistant Headteacher, Deputy DSL, Assessment Lead, Leader for SMSC and PSHE, Leader for Reading. Year 6 teacher- Class Benz.  

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House Logos

We have four house groups across the school; Brock, Hart, Reynard, and Ule. Children and families named the houses after the wildlife that is associated with our local area.

Since 2015, the house system has grown and proves to be extremely popular amongst pupils and staff. Each of the four house communities creates a smaller, unique community that allows children to develop friendships across the age groups and ensures that younger children have the opportunity to learn from older peers.

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Sports Premium

Sit Less. Move More.

We are proud to be an active school. Physical education (PE), physical activity (PA) and sport are the cornerstones of our whole school approach to promoting health and wellbeing. This helps ensure that our children are happy, healthy, confident and determined. We firmly believe that all children should access high quality, diverse and positive early experiences of being physically active so that they are encouraged and inspired to remain active throughout their lives.


Sports Premium Funding

We have received recognition locally, regionally and nationally as well as being invited to share our practice at national conferences on behalf of North Yorkshire Sport,AfPE and the Youth Sport Trust. In 2016/17 we received the Yorkshire Region award for whole school improvement which recognised the sustainable, impactful and innovative use of our sports premium funding. We use our sports premium funding each year to improve our provision for children to be active and access high quality PE lessons. Here is how we have spent our sports premium funding during the last academic year.

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Guidance Leaflet

Please take a look at this leaflet - This has details and contact numbers of all kinds of support agencies for you. We also have paper copies in reception if you require one.

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Useful Websites

It’s Mental Health Awareness week!

There are a huge range of websites and apps that can support and advise about children’s Mental health. Over the next few days, we will be posting some of our Favourites:

  1. 1.MindEd

Today’s website is MindEd for families. It’s a great website for safe and reliable advice about young people’s mental health, created by experts and parents together. 

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Mad about minibeasts

We have had a busy start in nursery this half term. We welcome 4 new starters into Class Potter, the children are quickly making friends and learning the nursery routines.


This half term the children have been very excited to discover all the different insects appearing outdoors. Each week we will explore a different insect using a book and a rhyme to develop the childrens interest. Over the course of the half term children will learn that information can not only be found in books but also on the computer as well. Outside we are encouraging the children to care for the animals and the environment.  The children are already creating homes using the leaves, grass and twigs and observe with interest as the insects are exploring their new environments. We have already created lots of art and craftwork linked to insects.

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A class full of storytellers

Class Fletcher have had a busy couple of weeks with Mrs Bland.  They are now superb storytellers.  The children have become experts is retelling and writing stories based on the Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks and the three bears.  As well as telling stories the children have explored character descriptions and writing simple instructions.


To help save the Billy Goats from the Troll the children decided to grow their own grass.  During the growing process children have developed their observation and scientific skills.  They have also noticed how plants differ from each other and have drawn detail pictures to label the similarities and differences.

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What makes a 'good place to live' 'good'?

Hello One and All,

Happy Spring!

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What makes a good home?

copy 4

What a busy term we have had so far in Class Simmonds with our enquiry into what makes a good home. In Science we have looked at building materials and at which makes them most suitable for their purpose. We then had an opportunity to visit Broughton Manor building site to have a closer look at the building process and ask lots of questions to the kind site manager. In Geography we have compared physical and natural features of South Africa and England and In History we’ve identified how homes have changed through the years. More recently we have been lucky enough to have a visitor speak to us about the celebration of Holi. The class enjoyed trying on some traditional outfits, celebration snacks and dance moves. 

In Numeracy Year One have been introduced to the two, five- and ten-times tables and are enjoying learning some catching tunes in their daily practice of them. We have been learning how to write number sentences and use pictorial representations of problems. 

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Would we like to live in India?

Class Hussain have been very busy enquiring into transport and how it has changed over time. We found out about the first cars and how dangerous and scary they looked to drive! We are very glad we live in a modern world of seatbelts and air bags!

We also began comparing transport in Europe to transport in Asia – specifically India – ready for our next Enquiry. Turns out many of the streets of India are very different to the streets in England. We’ve seen people, horses, donkeys, cars and motorbikes all trying to fit of the same piece of road – travelling in both directions! We couldn’t believe how relaxed the animals looked. They must be used to it!

In our Writing we’ve been thinking about India and learning about the culture there. We’ve investigated the Hindu religion and written descriptions of Ganesh the Hindu remover of obstacles and read ‘The Tiger Child’ an Indian Folktale. Most recently we’ve written an Indian version of Jack and the Beanstalk named Ram and the Banyan Tree!

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What Did The Mayas Do For Us?

Good afternoon,


Class Attenborough have had a busy start to this half term; we have already been on two school visits, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. The first one was to Norton College, where the children took part in a range of activities in Science, French, Drama and Music. Then they visited York Minster, where they learnt how Christians worshipped.

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Once Upon a Time

Welcome back to school Class Potter, we hope that you all had a wonderful half term break and enjoyed the glorious weather.


This half term we shall be exploring different traditional tales that will enable children to develop a good understanding of how stories are structured.  Children will be learning to retell stories using props within the classroom and those that they make themselves. As they develop their understanding of stories they will learn how different characters behave and the effect their behaviour then has on others.  You can support us at home by reading and sharing books regularly with the children, talking about the pictures and also events in the story.  The cbeebies website has some lovely story ideas that you can do at home with your child.

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Can I tell you a story

Welcome back Class Fletcher for the second half of the Spring term.  We hope that all the children and their families had a lovely half term break and enjoyed the lovely, warm sunshine.


Last week the children celebrated Shrove Tuesday and World Book Day.  Over the course of the week the children shared their favourite stories in class as well as preparing and eating their own pancakes.  Towards the end of the week the children enjoyed a classic children's picture book "The Tiger who came to to tea." The children were challenged to write a shopping list for Sophie's mum, just incase the tiger came back! The children also began to compose and write their own simple sentences retelling the story and then made up their own oral versions with different animals visiting!  In numeracy we looked at repeating patterns, children were challenged to copy, complete and create their own repeating patterns.  Throughout the process children were challenged to articulate their mathematical reasoning.

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Where in the world would I prefer to live?

Good afternoon All,


Class Attenborough have had a busy term and we have worked extremely hard. We have thoroughly enjoyed our line of enquiry this term; we have travelled all over the world. Our enquiry was, ‘Where in the World Would I Prefer to Live?’ The children looked through travel brochures to get a feeling of different places around the world and they decided they wanted to investigate different areas. We linked this to our Literacy and created persuasive pieces of writing to encourage people to visit their chosen country. We have learnt about New Zealand, New York, Bulgaria, Iceland, Spain, Mexico and lots more. The presentation of these were amazing.

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Eco Club

Content to follow.

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Brrr . . . It's Cold

Welcome back to nursery. This term we have welcomed 12 new starters into our sessions who are settling in well.


Over the next couple of weeks nursery will be taking advantage of the cold weather and exploring the cold.

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World War One

We have had a busy term so far, with learning about World War One and rehearsing for our performance.


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How was camouflage used in WW1?

What an exciting few weeks we have had in Class Hussain! With the whole school looking at World War 1 we deicded to dig deep into what we are really interested in. Turns out, it's colours and painting.


We have designed and create vehicles using axels, wheels and chassis taking into account the materials needed for strenthening. We are also going to camouflage them using one of the techniques we have learned when looking into Paul Klee!

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On a dark, dark night . . .

Nursery have been enjoying the changes in the seasons.  We have noticed how the afternoons are becoming darker and colder!


To launch our enquiry into the dark lots of children joined in for our autumn story and fireworks.  It was great to experience the outside area in the dark alongside the firepit!

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