Hello 2022! 

We’ve persuaded the Queen to let us have Christmas, winter hasn’t quite ended but Spring Term will arrive! 

Literacy We are reading another great classic: The Hobbit by J. R. Tolkien, again meeting a land of other folk.  We will also be studying The Music of Life by Louis Thomas: a beautifully illustrated book with few words so we will have to write them! 

Enquiry The Classics return, even older this time as we travel back in time to the Greeks.  If you do have any holiday memorabilia you could share with the children, they’d love to see it – thank you. 

Science This half term covers two disciplines, the Biology of the ear and the Physics of sound. Pardon? I said…This half term covers two… 

DT Our last early morning story book was Oscar and the Bird, all about electricity which we linked to our discussions in Math’s, of perimeter being a closed circuit.  Hopefully this has pre-taught much of the foil circuits we will be making. 


Music After studying Classical Music, Mrs P.C. will be introducing the children to Soul music, in particular that golden oldie “Lean on Me”. 

PSHE Our weekly assemblies and lessons will prompt the children to consider their dreams and goals. 

RE Studying Hinduism and idea of one god in many forms will continue after the break. 

PE  PE will be back on a Wednesday and for this the children need: outdoor pumps/trainers, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings, a white T-shirt and black or grey sports sweatshirt.  We will be revisiting the Romans to see how much we can remember, with Roman themed dance lessons. 

door Shoes Children must have a pair of indoor of black indoor shoes.  Changing their shoes helps keep their working environment as clean as possible. 

Reading We ask that the children to read three times a week at home and will monitor this, obviously more is even better though! 

School Uniform School uniform continues to be grey skirt/trousers, white skirt, green jumper, plain black/grey/white socks/tights or green gingham summer wear.  Each child should wear a house or responsibility tie.  Everyone needs a pair of indoor black shoes. 

Water bottles The children keep a water bottle for access during breaks.  We ask that this is not a single use bottle and only contains water. 

Homework Homework is issued on a Friday and due back the following Thursday.  Participation and completion has been really impressive – thank you. It has meant some children have earnt a homework pass from Miss Harrison!  It is returned marked to each child, should you wish to review it with your child. 

TTRS Thank you to everyone who is encouraging their child to play one game of TTRS a day.  There is a national test at the year end and those that are practising regularly are on track to do well in it. 

Spellings It wouldn’t be school without weekly spellings tests and I appreciate the hard work that is being put in to achieve the 10/10s – again thank you.   

Please email with any queries or concerns (r.debney@maltonprimary.org) or catch me at the classroom door.  I post regularly on the School’s Instagram account so that we can share classroom life – thanks for the likes! 

Ms Debney