Happy New Year!

Dear parents of Year 5 (Class Carson), 

Hello, children and parents of Year 5! It has been an incredibly busy start to the new school year, but the children have all settled in extremely well to the new routines and lessons. I’d like to say a big well done to all of Year 5 for the excellent return on homework so far. Every child has handed in their homework each week – even if extensions have been granted! Keep up this fantastic effort! 

Our enquiry this term will be: Where did Chemistry begin? This will comprise of Science (Earth and Space in Spring 1, as well as Separating Mixtures in Spring 2). We will also be exploring Diversity in further detail in Spring 2, as we will learn about Ancient Islam in History, as well as what it’s like to be Muslim in RE.  

This half term’s Writing units are: 

  • Non-Fiction: Information Text (based on our reading of ‘Understanding the Universe’ by Stephen Hawking 
  • Non-Fiction: Newspaper (based on our reading of ‘The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson) 
  • Non-Fiction: Information Text (based on our reading of ‘Mountains of the World’ by Dieter Braun). 

Next half term’s Writing units will be:  

  • Fiction: Story Writing (based on their reading of ‘The Proudest Blue’ by Ibtihaj Muhammed) 

This half term’s Maths units are: 

  • Area and Perimeter (2 weeks) 
  • Multiplication and Division (3 weeks) 
  • Fractions (2 weeks) 

Next half term’s Maths units are: 

  • Fractions (4 weeks) 
  • Decimals and Percentages (2 weeks) 

Please see below for this term’s spelling rules: 

Apostrophe for possession 
Year 5&6 Spelling List 
Words ending in ‘-ably’ and ‘-ibly’ 
Personal spelling list 


Please see below for next term’s spelling rules: 

Spellings taught in previous half term 
Words with ‘ei’ and ‘ie’ 
Year 5&6 Spelling List 
Personal spelling list 


Homework will be handed out on a Friday and will need to be returned the following Friday. Extensions are allowed, however, need to be requested for in advance. Please contact the office or myself for any further questions on this. In addition to weekly homework, the children need to make sure that they are reading regularly at home as well as logging onto TTRockstars as often as they can. 

Please find some useful links below which can help your child with their learning this half term: 

Earth and space – KS2 Science – BBC Bitesize 

Earth | NASA Space Place – NASA Science for Kids 

National Geographic Kids (natgeokids.com) 

Mountains – BBC Bitesize