Year 6 make a splash, saving 187acres of Peru's Amazon Rainforest!

Year 6 make a splash, saving 187acres of Peru's Amazon Rainforest!

On Thursday 6th July 2017, Class Saunders’s (year 6) children, carried out their prearranged charity event, to help save some of the Amazon Rainforest.


After much research into deforestation, during our enquiry lead learning, class Saunders’s passion to save the rainforest was quite clear. The children investigated both the reasons for and against deforestation and were able to empathize maturely with each side; despite this, it was clear where all of their interest and hearts truly laid.


Subsequently, the children completed a whole project on the subject; they explored why it took place, how and who committed the dreadful dead. They looked into who and what the process of deforestation affected and what the long-lasting damage of the action inflicts on our planet. Horrified, they wrote persuasive speeches and presented them confidently and passionately to Miss Wilkinson herself. They told her the gruesome details: that over 18million acres of rainforest is lost due to deforestation every year; that hundreds of endangered animals are losing their habitats every day and that palm oil (harvested as a result of deforestation) is in products that we used every day, without even considering the cost others have incurred for us to use luxury items, such as shampoo and food products. etc


Miss Wilkinson was astounded by the children’s pure passion and commitment to the help the charity “Rainforest Trust” that she couldn’t say no to their suggested plan to raise money to help this needy cause, so she granted them their wish to arrange a “splash the teachers and student’s” day.





This is just what they did, they made a plan of when the day should be and then collaborating with one another they put together an advertising campaign to make the students and parents of the school aware of their cause and their charity event. They designed posters, wrote and letter to the parents and conducted a school assembly-to inform the pupils and adult of our school of both the event and the cause.


Due to running the event, the children managed to raise enough money to save a whopping 187 acres of Peru’s Amazon Rainforest; in doing so, they know that they will have saved thousands of lives and possibly helped to save certain animals becoming even more endangered or possibly extinct. Year 6 know that if you join forces and believe enough in something, that you can make a difference!

If you, as a parent, donated money to the cause and let your child be part of the “splat a teacher or year 6” day then here’s a big thank you from all of Class Saunders and I’m sure from all of those helpless animals in the rainforest.

Here’s a few photos from our day…even the parents had fun!




The parents joined in-splashing their sons.


Mrs Jenkins, inspired the children with her friends Rainforest Charity.







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