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Good afternoon everyone.


May I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and say that I hope 2018 is a very good one for you.


It is really good to sit down and write again. The children have returned to school refreshed and bursting with energy for their new enquiry and I am so pleased because this is my favourite one! They have soaked up the many clues in the classroom: inspirational quotes, personal journeys (Mauro Prosperi, Ernest Shackleton and Juliane Koepcke), real life interviews, fictional portrayals (Castaway) and quests (The Hunger Games). They have thought deeply about them and have devised some very interesting iwonders:


  • Which skills or qualities does a human need to survive an extreme expedition?
  • What makes an extraordinary human?
  • How has science and technology advanced over time for adventure?
  • Do we really understand adrenaline and its potential?


If your child is inspired by other stories, accounts or has any resources at home, please do bring them in and share them with us. They would be most welcome. We are expecting our iwonders to open up studies in Geography, PSHCE, Computing and Science.


Mr Allman and myself will team teach some mathematics this term. We hope to raise an awareness of the benefits of delivering maths through physical activity in 2018. Research suggests that this form of teaching improves brain function, engagement levels and decision making in children. We have been considering resources carefully and selecting those which are both versatile and advantageous for the whole curriculum. For example, games which require problem solving may also boost executive functioning (the skills that organise and help the brain to act on information) which can transfer to wider academic tasks.


Here is a video from Nike’s campaign ‘Designed to Move’:


Over in Literacy, we are busy highlighting structural and language features of newspaper reports. We will magpie effective ways of communicating with our audience to improve our own writing and present admirable stories of survival. I dare say that they will be adrenaline induced! Our SPAG work has presented us with a challenge recently as we have studied the comma. The children have illustrated how the comma can be used to avoid ambiguity.


Your continued support with number skills, punctuation and spelling home learning is greatly valued and will help your child to progress. Spellings will be given out on a Monday. Maths/Literacy will be given out on a Friday. PE will be taught on a Tuesday during the Spring term.


Miss A Lackenby



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