Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Reppold Headteacher: Deputy DSL, Pupil Premium Lead, Curriculum Lead, Leader for Writing and Geography

Miss Anderson: Assistant Headteacher, Deputy DSL, Assessment Lead, Leader for SMSC and PSHE, Leader for Reading. Year 6 teacher- Class Benz.  

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Sports Premium

Sit Less. Move More.

We are proud to be an active school. Physical education (PE), physical activity (PA) and sport are the cornerstones of our whole school approach to promoting health and wellbeing. This helps ensure that our children are happy, healthy, confident and determined. We firmly believe that all children should access high quality, diverse and positive early experiences of being physically active so that they are encouraged and inspired to remain active throughout their lives.


Sports Premium Funding

We have received recognition locally, regionally and nationally as well as being invited to share our practice at national conferences on behalf of North Yorkshire Sport,AfPE and the Youth Sport Trust. In 2016/17 we received the Yorkshire Region award for whole school improvement which recognised the sustainable, impactful and innovative use of our sports premium funding. We use our sports premium funding each year to improve our provision for children to be active and access high quality PE lessons. Here is how we have spent our sports premium funding during the last academic year.

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Requests for paper copies

Request for paper copies

Malton Community Primary School is happy to provide paper copies of all documents free of charge. Please make a request via the school's Business Manager, Mrs Northrop-Clay. 

Contact the school office – telephone 01653 692582 or e-mail school:


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Please click here to view the recent March 2018 report -


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Special Educational Needs

SEN information report

North Yorkshire County Council Local Offer

Our SEND Policy

1 What kinds of SEN do we provide for in our school?
2 Who is the SENCo and how can I contact him/her? What policies do we have for identifying children and young people with SEN? How do we assess their needs?
3 What arrangements do we have in place for consulting parents of children with SEND and involving them in their child’s education?
4 What arrangements do we have in place in school to consult with children and young people with SEND and how do we involve them in their education?
5 What arrangements are in place for assessing and reviewing children’s and young people’s progress towards outcomes? What opportunities are available for parents and young people to work with the school as part of this assessment and review?
6 What are the arrangements for supporting children and young people in moving between phases of education and in preparing for adulthood? How do we ensure that , as young people prepare for adulthood, outcomes reflect their ambitions (which may include higher education, employment, independent living and participation in society)?
7 What is our approach to teaching children and young people with SEND?
8 How are adaptations made to the curriculum and the learning environment of children and young people with SEN?
9 What expertise and training to support children and young people with SEN do we have in school? How do we access and secure specialist expertise?
10 How do we evaluate the effectiveness of the provision made for young people and children with SEN?
11 How do we enable children and young people with SEN to engage with activities (available in school) with children and young people without SEN?
12 How do we provide support for social and emotional development? What extra pastoral support arrangements do we have for listening to the views of children and young people with SEN? What measures do we have in place to prevent bullying?
13 How does our school involve other bodies, including health and social care bodies, local authority support services and voluntary sector organisations, in meeting children and young people’s SEN and supporting their families?
14 What are the arrangements for handling complaints from parents of children with SEN about the provision made at school?

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