House Ule is a fun, vibrant, optimistic and healthily competitive community. As a team we pride ourselves on being reflective and communicative learners. Just like our wise house owls we gain our own wisdom through sharing our ideas and thinking back on our past actions to help inform our future steps. We believe that wisdom helps our dreams take flight.

As individuals we endeavour to be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be. Respect for everyone is a non-negotiable in our team. We strive to be positive contributors to our community and intend to have a great time along the way. We use our failings as stepping stones towards unlocking our potential; and use our successes as the seeds of inspiration to those around us.

Our Staff team continues to grow and gain strength. This year we are excited to welcome Ms Smith, Ms Sykes and Miss Carrier to our ranks.

The Ule staff dream team is made up of:

  • Mr Allman
  • Mrs Glass
  • Ms Smith
  • Ms Sykes
  • Mrs Smith
  • Mrs Ring
  • Mrs Martin
  • Mrs Harrisson-Racy
  • Mrs Martin
  • Mrs Spiller

2015 revealed a competitive, creative, and expressive streak across our house team. The children finished runners-up in the House Point Championship; were crowned ‘Dance-Off’ winners and claimed the coveted prize of being Sports Day champions. All of the children demonstrated their will to persevere and respect the integrity of being a principled competitor. We look back on 2015 with fondness and are now excited to move forward with our next steps. We are all proud to be Owls.


Recent News

University of Life Update – March 14, March 16 - Lets have a look at all the fantastic work children have been doing during University of Life in their house teams this term… House Ule Ule have been ’employed’ by global technology giants, Apple! They have been tasked with gaining the skills required to use new technologies and apps in order to promote and advertise […]

A new UoL! 29, February 16 - Hello everyone! House Ule have begun our new UoL cycle and are fully underway with our project, ‘Apple Needs Ule!’. We are using Ipads to promote apps created and/or used by Apple. The two apps we are promoting are Pic Collage and IMovie. Each group consists of no more than 5 children and each groups […]


House Points Update – February 2016 29, February 16 - As another half term of hardwork and pupil endeavour draws to a close it is time to find out how each of our four houses are performing in the house points competition. In line with our Learn and Earn programme children are able to recieve house points for their hardwork, attendance and fantastic behaviour […]

Learn and Earn 5, February 16 - This is week has seen the launch of the Learn & Earn incentive across school as part of the house system. The school council have recently conducted a ballot across the school to find out what rewards would motivate children to work harder in our school. This was a fantastic opportunity to the whole school […]


Stop and Think! Words Can Hurt – Competition Reminder! 22, January 16 - Your challenge is to design a poster for anti-bullying week to help raise awareness in our school community. Rules 1 entry per person Your entry must contain the phrase; ‘Stop and think! Words can hurt’ Closing date is 26th January Submit your entry to your class teacher. Remember to put your name and house onto your […]

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