Welcome back

Welcome back after the Easter break We hope you have all had a good rest and are ready for your last term in Year 4. This term will fly by so we all need to be focused and ready to learn during these coming weeks.

Home Learning 3rd May 

Maths: We have just finished our topic on fractions and decimals. We have sent home a sheet tonight to complete which covers many of the areas we have looked at.

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What's in the garden?

We have already had busy start to the term in class Fletcher. It has been lovely to hear about all of the interesting activities you have been up to over the Easter holidays. The children have been full of beans!


Our enquiry this half-term is exploring what we can find in the garden during Spring. We have already hit the ground running by discussing what the children have seen over the holidays and looking at what is new in our outdoor area. This week we have been investigating plants and what they need to survive. We will be planting our own seeds in preparation for planting in the garden area. Any donations of soil, bark, seeds, plants, decorative pots will be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to turn our planters into a sensory area exploring taste, smell and touch; so we would gratefully accept any plants which could help with this. We will then be moving onto birds, nesting and mini-beasts.

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Adams Home Learning 15th March 2019

Make a phone.

In science we have been learning that sound is made when an object vibrates. These vibrations travel through the air and other media as waves until they reach the outer ear.

Have a go at making a paper cup phone to show this happening. You will need two paper cups, some inelastic string or fishing wire and two paper clips. Make a hole in the base of each cup, thread through the string and tie a paper clip inside the cup to prevent the string from detaching. Pull the string taut and have one person speak into one of the cups while you listen through the other. The cups can be used to communicate over distances of up to 30m. The paper cup phone works by transmitting sound vibrations along a tightly-pulled string.

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Should we see everything in black and white?

Our new enquiry asks the big question 'should we see everything in black and white?'

During this enquiry we will be addressing other questions such as what would the world be like in black and white?, what if everything was either right or wrong?, why do we need colour? and how do we celebrate colour?. We will be exploring these concepts through art, religion and even philosophy!

Next week we will be immersing ourselves fully in the colourful celebration of Holi.

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Where in the world would I prefer to live?

Good afternoon All,


Class Attenborough have had a busy term and we have worked extremely hard. We have thoroughly enjoyed our line of enquiry this term; we have travelled all over the world. Our enquiry was, ‘Where in the World Would I Prefer to Live?’ The children looked through travel brochures to get a feeling of different places around the world and they decided they wanted to investigate different areas. We linked this to our Literacy and created persuasive pieces of writing to encourage people to visit their chosen country. We have learnt about New Zealand, New York, Bulgaria, Iceland, Spain, Mexico and lots more. The presentation of these were amazing.

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