Happy New Year!

Firstly, we hope you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable time over the holidays with friends and family.


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Autumn in Benz

Well Autumn term has been a very busy one for the children in Class Benz.


Our learning has taken us on a journey to the other side of the world – South America. Class Benz have learnt that South America is a fascinating, huge continent where there are many different people with many different ways of life. Of course, we investigated the Amazon Rainforest and understood why it is such an important resource to our planet and why it is under threat but we also delved deeper into South America. We discovered the vast range of landscapes: salt deserts, mountains, homes on lakes, volcanoes, glaciers and ancient temples to name a few! It is fair to say the children have been enraptured and awe-struck at the beauty of the continent. We have also embedded some geographical concepts such as how populations can be dense or sparse. Class Benz also have developed a good understanding of why geography is so important to them in the 21st century – ask them to explain. 

The writing we have been doing has focussed on making sure we are secure with our punctuation and grammar as well as crafting some exciting texts. So far we have written diaries from South American adventurers and used our experiences at East Barnby to write further diaries. We wrote formal letters to many important people about the issue of recycling and are eagerly waiting for replies. As we moved into November and dark nights drew in we began creating creepy ghost stories and are now trying hard to work on editing our work to check it makes sense and has a strong impact on the reader. 

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