It has been such a pleasure to get back in the classroom.  The children were tremendous working from home over Teams coordinating with the Key worker class in online lessons, however nothing beats working together, talking together and so learning together in the same room. Thank you everyone for your support over this time.


We spent a wonderful five weeks exploring William Shakespeare's play Macbeth. Year six were able to show great depth of understanding of personal responsibility, guilt and remorse.  With perseverance they penetrated and assimilated the language and are now deploying it in their writing. Following the complexities of Shakespearean English, they must now analyse Shaun Tan's beautiful graphic novel The Arrival. This again considers a personal journey but one that many are touched by: fleeing a home to evade a threat and forming a new life in a new place.

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Welcome back!

Hello Class Hawking,


Welcome back, we hope you have had a fantastic half term. Since returning from lockdown, we have been impressed with the hard work and determination all children have shown to their education. 

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