'What structure makes the strongest bridge?' Year 3 Class Dickens

Class Dickens have made a fantastic start to the year and it has been an absolute pleasure to see their curiosity and knowledge blossom in Year 3. Having just finished our brilliant enquiry on ancient Egypt, we are all very excited to embark on our latest journey of discovery which will centre around the question, ‘What structure makes the strongest bridges?’ This D.T. focused enquiry will allow the children to explore the great engineers and structures of the past (focused on bridges) which will give them a key insight into the sheer scale and variety of constructions both present and past. As well as this, pupils will have the opportunity to practice and experiment with a number of techniques which engineers use in this area of construction. Eventually, pupils will design, make and evaluate their own bridge informed by the knowledge they have gained.

In literacy, after a brilliant start, where I have seen the children’s writing go from strength to strength, we will continue to look at our class author- Roald Dahl. Having written excellent narratives and letters focused on the novel ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, this term we will be using ‘The Minpins’ as our writing stimulus. This is a great book which we have really enjoyed reading so far! Our main focus will be to refine the skills and writing techniques we have learnt so far. We will be focusing on producing an in depth setting description and cohesive and chronologically accurate recount. The children will be increasingly challenged to experiment with their writing using their creativity to find their individual writing style and use more complex grammatical devices for a desired effect.

In Maths, the children have progressed well through the place value unit and are now progressing through addition and subtraction. We will be progressively working up to using the formal written method (column addition and subtraction) for both these operations. In conjunction with this, the children will be challenged to improve the quality of their reasoning and problem solving answers. In addition, times table rock stars will be practiced three times a week with a times table test on Friday afternoon. We will be moving on from the 3 times table to the 4 times table this term (it is important that these are practiced outside school on the times table rock stars app).

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