Summer in Class Oaks

Welcome to the new half term in Class Oaks. It is lovely to have everyone back after half term - I hope you have all been able to enjoy the sunshine at last. 

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This half term, our enquiry is, 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside' where we will be learning about the following:

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This week in Oaks

This week has flown by! I have been so proud of the children as they continue their learning journeys. The learning they are doing in 'Read Write Inc' has set them on the road to reading and writing. The children have set up their own classroom and have been practising the letter sounds independently. We have been reading 'The Fox in the Dark'. The children have loved playing in the Fox's den as well as creating masks to role play the story. Some children have chosen to write some of the words from the tale. 

Talking about words, we have been exploring the wonderful vocabularly which came from the story. My favourite was 'squoosh'. Another's favourite was 'scrambling'. We tapped out a rhythm, 'rat-a-tat-tat'. 

In math, the children have been consolidating their counting skills. Counting each object, action or sound only once - 1-1 correspondence. Knowing that it dose not matter how objects are arranged, the number/amount is the same. We need to count in order because the last number is the number of objects, actions or sounds. What can you count at home. Can you sort items into groups to count. 

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Marvellous Monday

Hello everyone

We have had a lovely day today. Even though the holidays are near, and the children are becoming tired, there has been lots of investigation, experimenting and enquiry happening in Oaks. 

We have investigated floating and sinking. Who knew a banana floats! We sorted the materials into 2 piles. I wonder why our metal sank, but a ship floats ?

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