On a dark, dark night . . .

Nursery have been enjoying the changes in the seasons.  We have noticed how the afternoons are becoming darker and colder!


To launch our enquiry into the dark lots of children joined in for our autumn story and fireworks.  It was great to experience the outside area in the dark alongside the firepit!

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Welcome to Class Potter

Welcome to Class Potter. Our nursery class has welcomed lots of new starters this term and we are so proud of how quickly they have settled in.


For the first couple of weeks in nursery we will be focusing on developing relationships, establishing routines and learning where things are in the classroom.  The majority of each is session allows children to play and learn independently within the provision. However, we also have two large group sessions where the children stop what they are doing and gather together.  We are currently using these sessions to develop listening and attention skills.  You can help with this at home by ensuring children stop and look at you when you are talking to them, sharing stories together and playing games.

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