Class Oaks Blast Off!

This weekend started with the launch of the new Spacex rocket which launched from Florida's Kennedy Space Centre on Saturday. It is hoped that this private space launch will be the start of a programme of investment and scientific engineering that will allow everyday people, not just astronauts, to travel in space! Wow what a thought! Would you like to try that in the future?

This week is our first week back after half term. I hope you have had a good rest and are ready to do some more learning? Take a look at this week's activities week 6 challenge sheet.

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Happy Half Term

Please take this time to enjoy yourselves, have a break from learning, do fun activities with your family and just enjoy being together.

We have sent you a message from all of us here at MCPS . Just click here!.

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Class Oaks week 5 challenges

File:Face-smile.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Monday 18th May marks the start of National Smile Month. Here are some interesting facts:

  • The largest human smiley was achieved by 8,018 people in Manila, Philippines on 30 May 2015.

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Oaks has had an abundance of birthdays!

During the past weeks we have missed many birthday celebrations from our class mates. Seven of you have already celebtrated your 5th birthday and next week we have one more. So to all of you I wish you a very very happy birthday even if it is a bit belated for some. I hope you had a brilliant day and here's a song for you all! Send me in your photos of your special day. Take a look at Deyon's

Class Oaks week 4 Summer activities

As you can see our potato plants have really grown since we left school. I was amazed when I saw them last week. Hopefully we will get some potatoes from them.


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