What can you do with a stick?

Class Fletcher are very excited about our new enquiry exploring what we can do with sticks! They have such wonderful imaginations and have already suggested an array of ideas from broomsticks to boats! We will be developing these thoughts into meaningful learning experiences which nurture their understanding of the world as well as supporting their mathematical and 

Dead rodents and pig hearts; the stuff all great primary classrooms are made of!

Good afternoon all,


You just know it is going to be a bad day when a dead rodent falls into your bowl while you’re pouring yourself some Kellog’s Crunchy Nut cereal during a dark, winter morning. It turns out that Year 6 ‘have my back’ as they wasted no time in sitting down to write a formal and powerful letter of complaint about Kellog’s Quality Control standards. Please ask Year 6 pupils for examples of formal language and how to structure an effective, formal letter of complaint.

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How did the First World War affect lives on the home front?

As our theme is Overcoming Challenge this half term, we have been inspired by the challenges faced by millions of people across the world during World War One. In class we have been particularly focussed on the questions of ‘How did the First World War change peoples’ lives?’ and ‘What was life like during the war for families and children on the Home Front?’ 


Amazingly, we have discovered that many women until 1914, were not in employment. However, due to the numbers of men that had to go and fight, there was no option but to ask the women to do the traditionally men’s jobs. These were roles such as factory workers, bus drivers and nurses both at home and on the front. We also used our researching skills to discover more about the women the world remembers and what they did during this time that was so important – ask us about Eva Haverfield, Elsie Inglis and Edith Cavell. There’s still more learning to do however and we’re looking forward to investigating the roles children had during this time and how their lives were affected by the war. We have also produced some lovely silhouette artwork as part of our creative Remembrance and are looking forward to sharing this with you during our landing on 7th December. 

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How was camouflage used in WW1?

What an exciting few weeks we have had in Class Hussain! With the whole school looking at World War 1 we deicded to dig deep into what we are really interested in. Turns out, it's colours and painting.


We have designed and create vehicles using axels, wheels and chassis taking into account the materials needed for strenthening. We are also going to camouflage them using one of the techniques we have learned when looking into Paul Klee!

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Were children happy during World War One?

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