Busy Busy in Class Armstrong...

Class Armstrong have certainly earned their Christmas break with all of their hard work over this half term. We kicked off Numeracy with exploring addition and subtraction number families. Children have used part-whole models as well as ten frames and cubes to solve number problems. In Literacy we have been learning about adjectives and produced our own poetry book on fireworks. We are now furthering our knowledge of The Victorians; writing facts about their toys and festive traditions. 


In Physical Education they have been refining their movement skills to aid them in invasion games. We were lucky enough to have been invited to St Mary’s Church to look at how Christians worship and use the church. The children had an opportunity to have a go at lots of activities and listen to information about the church. Back in the classroom, we have also been using local maps to identify human and physical features. In our weekly Science lessons, the class have been learning the names of different materials why they are chosen for different purposes. More recently the children have worn odd socks to celebrate individuality and explore the issues surrounding bullying. We are now fast approaching our nativity show and are busy practising our song words and developing our acting skills. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. Tickets are available from reception.

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One Giant Step For Man....

Class Armstrong have made a fantastic start to Year One. They have settled into the daily routines and are making excellent progress with their reading and writing skills.

Our enquiry has been with the History focus of who was the first person on the Moon? We have celebrated the 50 years it has been since Neil Armstrong landed and learnt about how and why he and the NASA teams decided to venture into the unknown. In Science we been looking at materials and their properties; which has linked to the DT project of building a model space buggy.

Elsewhere, we have learnt lots of new songs and chants in exploring the different between the rhythm and pulse of a song in Music. We have also investigated different ways of moving in PE. In Numeracy ,we have covered ordinal numbers and partitioning using their understanding of number bonds.

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