Would we like to live in India?

Class Hussain have been very busy enquiring into transport and how it has changed over time. We found out about the first cars and how dangerous and scary they looked to drive! We are very glad we live in a modern world of seatbelts and air bags!

We also began comparing transport in Europe to transport in Asia – specifically India – ready for our next Enquiry. Turns out many of the streets of India are very different to the streets in England. We’ve seen people, horses, donkeys, cars and motorbikes all trying to fit of the same piece of road – travelling in both directions! We couldn’t believe how relaxed the animals looked. They must be used to it!

In our Writing we’ve been thinking about India and learning about the culture there. We’ve investigated the Hindu religion and written descriptions of Ganesh the Hindu remover of obstacles and read ‘The Tiger Child’ an Indian Folktale. Most recently we’ve written an Indian version of Jack and the Beanstalk named Ram and the Banyan Tree!

This half term we are focussing more on India and the Geography and climate of the country. We are doing some research into the Chembakolli Forest and will be putting forward our arguments about what it’s future should be later in the term. We are also learning about the Asian art of silk painting.

In Numeracy, we have moved away from the four operations to statistics and shape. Any practise you can do at home of the four operations is much appreciated as we need to remember all of the methods we have learned.

We also have our Easter performance to look forward to. The children are practising regularly in school now and we can’t wait to share with you our learning.

In PE lessons we have been developing our fundamental movement skills so that we can move, balance and control different objects.  We have also focused on how to work cooperatively in small groups.  You can follow our PE lessons on the school twitter page. 

Just a reminder that P.E day is now Thursday and Spellings will be done on a Tuesday.

Thank you to the parents who continue to read at home regularly with their children – it really does make a difference!



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Thursday, 16 September 2021