How was camouflage used in WW1?

What an exciting few weeks we have had in Class Hussain! With the whole school looking at World War 1 we deicded to dig deep into what we are really interested in. Turns out, it's colours and painting.


We have designed and create vehicles using axels, wheels and chassis taking into account the materials needed for strenthening. We are also going to camouflage them using one of the techniques we have learned when looking into Paul Klee!



In Literacy, we have been writing from the trenches and are currently writing a newspaper report about the Red Baron (he was unfortunatley not very camoflauged!).


In Numeracy, we are just finishing off addition and subtraction ready to begin multiplication and division next week!


We have lots of exciting trips and outings planned for the remainder of the half term.

  • Please remember PE kits every Monday.
  • Please remember Library books can be changed on Tuesday after school
  • Please remember Spelling books and Home Learning is due on a Friday


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Hughes



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Thursday, 16 September 2021