Spring term (Class Farah)

Hello everybody,

We are now well on the way with our new term and we have learnt so many exciting things so far. In class Farah, our enquiry focus is centred on the Anglo Saxons. It has been our quest to find out 'Were the Anglo Saxons vicious or victorious?' In order to answer this question, we will be looking into every facet of Saxon life. We have already had a fantastic introduction to this topic by making our own Saxon pottery and writing using Saxon runes. When we discussed Saxon life the children were very interested in the day-to-day life of the Saxons so this s what we will be looking into. Our end aim will be to create an Anglo Saxon village complete with houses, main hall, fortifications and farming land. The children have already shown a great interest in this so far at home in their own time. So it will be lovely to see this continue, areas of focus for home learning should be: farming, laws, food and trade.


Linked to our Saxon theme our literacy focus will be the famous, time-less text ‘Beowulf’. This Saxon poem passed down through generations will be the main focus of our writing. This is a fantastic text! It tells us so much about Saxon life and society. We will be using this text to write some great narratives which include: fronted adverbials, prepositional phrases, expanded noun phrases, suspense, tension and expressing the characters feelings through ‘shows don’t tell’. In maths, we will continue our work on multiplication and division moving onto to statistics. It is important that the children continue to practice their times tables at home as this makes a massive difference. In regards to routine, this will remain as usual apart from scheduled trips which you will be notified of well in advance. P.E will continue to be on Monday so P.E kits should be brought in at this time.



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We hope to update you with more information about what we are doing soon,

Mr Shackleton  



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Monday, 10 May 2021