What Did The Mayas Do For Us?

Good afternoon,


Class Attenborough have had a busy start to this half term; we have already been on two school visits, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. The first one was to Norton College, where the children took part in a range of activities in Science, French, Drama and Music. Then they visited York Minster, where they learnt how Christians worshipped.

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Where in the world would I prefer to live?

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Class Attenborough have had a busy term and we have worked extremely hard. We have thoroughly enjoyed our line of enquiry this term; we have travelled all over the world. Our enquiry was, ‘Where in the World Would I Prefer to Live?’ The children looked through travel brochures to get a feeling of different places around the world and they decided they wanted to investigate different areas. We linked this to our Literacy and created persuasive pieces of writing to encourage people to visit their chosen country. We have learnt about New Zealand, New York, Bulgaria, Iceland, Spain, Mexico and lots more. The presentation of these were amazing.

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World War One

We have had a busy term so far, with learning about World War One and rehearsing for our performance.


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Welcome to a new class year in Class Attenborough.


I am excited to join Malton Community Primary School and Year 5 and looking forward to a fantastic year.

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