Welcome back

Welcome back after the Easter break We hope you have all had a good rest and are ready for your last term in Year 4. This term will fly by so we all need to be focused and ready to learn during these coming weeks.

Home Learning 3rd May 

Maths: We have just finished our topic on fractions and decimals. We have sent home a sheet tonight to complete which covers many of the areas we have looked at.

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Happy Easter!

Well we have come to the end of another very busy term. We started with our Anglo Saxon enquiry and an amazing trip to Ryedale Folk museum, we have explored Spring festivals including Easter and Holi. We have even created our own Pop Art designs.

In maths we have been looking at multiplication and division, areas, fractions and decimals.

We look forward to another great term in the Summer as we lead up to Year 5!

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Plastic Aware week

As you know next week is not only the last week of term but also the school are taking part in plastic aware week. As part of our activities we will be making bird feeders from single use water bottles. Can your child please bring in a single use 500ml size bottle by Thursday for this activity. Don't worry if you do not have one as we will have some spares here. Hopefully they will be able to bring home a completed feeder to use at home over the Summer months.


Home learning:

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Home Learning 29th March 2019

  1. This week for home learning your child will be brininging home a sheet with the non-chronological report about Spring festivals to learn for Monday.
  2. Maths - also some fraction work. Please support your child in these activities. The maths need not come back to school but should be completed to consolidate the work we have been doing in class this week.
  3. Regular reading
  4. TTRS
  5. Spellings - homophones or near homophones




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Pop Art!

Our colour enquiry is developing well in Class Adams. The children thoroughly enjoyed their Holi celebration and have now begun to explore how colour hit the world after World War II in the form of Pop Art. They were not sure that they would enjoy being Pop artists but they’re slowly changing their minds. This week we have discovered the works of Warhol and Lichtenstein and used the iPads to electronically change a picture in the style of Andy Warhol. 
pop art 2


Home Learning 22 March 2019

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