Happy New Year!

We hope that you have all had a peaceful and happy festive break. Many thanks for all the cards and presents we received. 

We look forward to seeing you all in school next week for an exciting and packed Spring term.


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How did the First World War affect lives on the home front?

As our theme is Overcoming Challenge this half term, we have been inspired by the challenges faced by millions of people across the world during World War One. In class we have been particularly focussed on the questions of ‘How did the First World War change peoples’ lives?’ and ‘What was life like during the war for families and children on the Home Front?’ 


Amazingly, we have discovered that many women until 1914, were not in employment. However, due to the numbers of men that had to go and fight, there was no option but to ask the women to do the traditionally men’s jobs. These were roles such as factory workers, bus drivers and nurses both at home and on the front. We also used our researching skills to discover more about the women the world remembers and what they did during this time that was so important – ask us about Eva Haverfield, Elsie Inglis and Edith Cavell. There’s still more learning to do however and we’re looking forward to investigating the roles children had during this time and how their lives were affected by the war. We have also produced some lovely silhouette artwork as part of our creative Remembrance and are looking forward to sharing this with you during our landing on 7th December. 

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Ou Habites Tu?

Hello to all of you now in Team Adams!


We (Mrs Breckon and Miss Harrison) are delighted to be teaching Year 4 and so far, after a great transition period and restful summer, have hit the ground running!

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