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Myths and Magic

The summer term is now underway in Class Wilbur.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the castle role play corner.  Over the last couple of weeks the children have found out about life in the past.  We have also looked at special events including St George's Day and the story of George and the dragon.  To help us retell the story the children created their own props in the creative area.


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Who was it?

Class Wilbur have loved their last enquiry. It all began on a bright, cold wintery morning. The children arrived in school to discover their classroom had become a crime scene!

The children could not believe what had happened and soon began to speculate.  The children had recieved a message to say that the culprit was a character from a book on their bookshelf!  We looked at the clues; messy floor, muddy footprints, pots and pans thrown on the ground and a broken chair.  We then discovered that Izzy the woodland elf was also missing!  The children soon put their writing skills into practice and made signs, posters and maps. There was a real purpose for their writing.

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What fun we have had in the dark!

What a fabulous first term the reception children have had.  This last half term the children used the story "The Owl who was afraid of the dark" to discover how fun the dark can actually be.  


The children have worked incredibly hard this half term and have learnt many new skills in numeracy including recognising numbers, counting, early addition and subtraction.  Alongside learning these skills the children have also learnt the associated vocabulary.

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What fun can be had in the dark?

This half term we are exploring the question "What fun can be had in the dark?". The children have already discovered that the dark can be exciting as they have celebrated Halloween and Bonfire Night.


Over the past couple of weeks the children have confidently been talking about their own experiences of the dark.  During Halloween we explored some exciting activities in the classroom that supported our literacy and numeracy skills. Children became expert potion makers and created lists of ingredients that would be needed using their phonic knowledge to write.

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Welcome to Class Wilbur!


Welcome back from the summer holidays! We hope you all had a great summer break.

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