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Summer Term: SATS, plays and trips!

The summer term is finally here, and for our year 6's - the final term of their Primary School career.

In the run up to SATS we are aiming to keep our day structured the same as before. Morning lessons are revising all of the core subjects covered so far in the year, but the usual Enquiry, DT and P.E lessons are continuing as normal on the afternoons. 

The children have worked really hard this year, and the progress they have made has been phenomenal. Thank you to all the support we have had from home too.

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Court room dramas and newspaper reports



Welcome back - I hope you've had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2018.

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Twisted fairytales and dark Grimms stories

Our next Enquiry is going to focus on well known fairytales and Grimms stories - but with a twist. This is Enquiry is going to make children experts in twisting, manipulating and creating different perspectives on muched loved tales.

Children will be spending next week getting to know the tales once again and deciding how they want to change and adapt the storyline. We will be acting, reading plays and creating facebook profiles for the different characters!


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Class Paver update

I would firstly like to say a big thank you to your continued support for the children in Year 6. It is such a challenging year and to hear how the children are being supported at home is lovely.


We have bought into two schemes to help with home learning:

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Class Paver blog

Hello and welcome to Class Paver's blog!


I am brand new to Year 6 and really looking forward to taking our Enquiries and learning to the next level. I have been astounded by how resilient and motivated the children have been to get stuck into everything Year 6 has to offer so far! They are really keen to use this year as an oppotunity to learn new skills and show off their understanding!

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