Welcome to Malton Community Primary School

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Creative writers

We have finished our enquiry around I Wonder with some shared writing and a visit to the cinema to watch the film. Can I thank all the parents who have supported their children to create their own creative write projects at home.

This enquiry we are looking at becoming creative writers and twisting the traditional tales. Some of our wonders so far are, “Why is the step mother always evil?”, “Why is the hero always a man?” and “Are fairy tales the same in different countries?”  So far the children have been immersed in fairy tales through our classroom environment and have already created a twisted fairytale newspaper article.

Core subjects

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pig heart boy

Can I start by saying a massive thank you to all the parents who have helped their child with their half term project; I was overwhelmed by the effort some children put in!


We have concluded our enquiry through reading some creative writing and publishing some abstract art posters which represent our view point of August.

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Welcome to Elphinstone

Welcome to a new year in Class Elphinstone!

I am so excited to be teaching Year 6 again and I am looking forward to exploring different enquiries in more depth.

We have had an exciting start to the year with the children receiving their new roles for the year and I am positive that this cohort of year 6s will have a positive impact on the school.

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Strong work ethic

Before I mention what we have been up to recently I just want to illiterate how hard the Year 6 have worked- every single one of them! We are coming up to a potentially challenging time in the school year and all of Class Saunders are ready for the challenge!


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