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Where is our place in the world?


We have had a busy couple of weeks since we returned from Easter. Some of the children have been having fun investigating the challenges a Moto GP rider would face and what we would have to do to become one! Others have been investigating animlas which live in extreme environments and which challenges they face.

Thank you for all of the lovely home learning which the children are continuing to bring in on a Monday morning. It is very obvious that they have enjoyed finding out and exploring our key questions during this enquiry.

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Spring is here!

Welcome to the start of Spring!


We are starting a new Enquiry about Overcoming Challenge. We will be looking at the challenges overcome by aniumals and humans around the world, as well as the challenges we overcome ourselves. Children will be taking part in a range of challenges in the classroom and outdoor provision individually and in groups. We will be reading the book The Bog Baby and discussing the challenges faced by the characters. We will be kick starting our whole Enquiry with a trip to the Arboretum on Tuesday 21st March.

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Welcome back!

Welcome back, the children have had a lot to tell us about their Christmas break. It’s been especially nice to hear about all the quality family time and activities they have experienced, as well as the lovely presents they received.

Thank you to all parents who supported their Children in their home learning over Christmas. The children presented their traditions and celebration to Class Butterworth and we completed our enquiry by concluding that everybody celebrates Christmas in different ways. As always we appreciate you continued support.

This half term’s enquiry is ‘Right and Wrong’. The children have already shared their wonders and are curious about rules, government and the police. One child even wondered why we have a mayor! Watch this space to see how our enquiry develops.

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Expressing Ourselves at Christmas

We have had a busy few weeks starting our new enquiry; ‘Expressing ourselves’ and practicing for our Christmas Nativity! The children really enjoyed our DIWALI day and learn a lot about DIWALI and the Hindu religion. We particularly enjoyed the art activities, making our own mendi patterns and creating Rangoli patterns with pink powder. We all had fun getting involved with the Bhangra music, learning the lotus flower, and other dance moves. From this the children have taken a particular interest in how we express ourselves during celebrations. We will be taking this learning forward by exploring how different people express themselves at Christmas. We will be looking at the games we play, food we eat, decorations and why we celebrate Christmas. Please talk to you child about the different ways you celebrate Christmas at home and the different traditions you have. It would be lovely if the children could share this in their own way at the end of their enquiry. This could be in the form of a dance, picture, or even a song!


After Christmas we will be sending home a new spelling scheme that we have created in Reception/ Year 1. The children will be coming home with high frequency words which we would like them to practice regularly. They will be sent in a special pack which we will be encouraging the children to look after and bring to school every day. More details about this will be sent home with the pack but please feel free to organise a meeting with Mrs Vasconcelos if you would like to discuss this further.

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Autumn update

We have been very busy since the beginning of term. The children have enjoyed thinking about what makes us human and why we are special. They have taken a particular interest in exploring celebrations and religions. We are in the process of organising a trip to St Mary’s church to investigate what people do when they are in church.

We have also been learning about shapes and numbers. Please talk to your child about the different shapes we see every day in our environment. The children are learning to read, write recognise and order numbers to 10.

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