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Roses are Red

Roses are Red

Take 200 mls of water, a bottle of red food colouring, one elegant rose and what do you have? Well, a red rose hopefully.


Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the science hub here in Class Snow!

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Express Yourself!


We are making our way through another busy term and I am so pleased to announce that the children are showing more learning characteristics every week. We have been focussing on ‘persevering’ in Maths when mastery tasks become tricky and ‘communicating’ in our English drama work. The children conducted some very professional looking interviews yesterday in order to understand more about the events in the life of Rosa Parks. They will be using the interviews to help them compose detailed information texts.

Our enquiry work has interested us all this term. The children came up with the big question ‘How do people express themselves?’. Within this we decided to focus on key people in History (Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela) as well as different sports players and artists. Our enquiry work will develop soon to enable the children to consider how they express themselves too. We will be using art and Radio 1 to help us to do this through dance. Stay tuned!

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What makes us human?

Hello from Class Snow! I would like to begin by saying a big well done to all of the children who bring their PE kit to school every Tuesday. It is great to see the children being so organised and responsible. We are currently very busy preparing for our Harvest Festival on Tuesday 18th October 2016. You are warmly invited to join us.

In Art this term we are just dotty over dots! After watching ‘The Dot’ by Peter H Reynolds we decided to create a masterpiece which will be shown in our very own art gallery here at Malton Community Primary School. The children are busy exploring their creativity and celebrating their imagination. We are drawing with dots, mixing colours of tints and tones and experimenting with printing. Watch this space!

Our enquiry work is in full swing now too as we look to answer our main question ‘What makes us human?’ in a variety of ways. The children are very interested in family traditions and are currently collecting data on favourite family holiday destinations in order to produce bar graphs. They have also explored activities and foods which keep us healthy and happy.

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Welcome to Class Snow

Hello everyone and welcome to a new school year in Class Snow. I hope you have all had an enjoyable and restful summer. The children have settled in well over the first week of the term and are adjusting very well to our class routines as well as their new class teacher! They are already showing that they can be strong independent learners.

We are beginning our enquiry linked to the over – arching theme of ‘All About Me’ and the children have spent this first week looking at the ‘Wonder Wall’, discussing with their friends and thinking individually to explore the wonders they may have. They have recorded these into their new enquiry books and will now be focusing on what they know already, immersion and generating questions to enquire into. Throughout this enquiry and all of the other learning that the children undertake, they will be closely focused on how they present their work and striving to improve this in any way that they can. We are aiming to present our work with beautiful presentation.

In Literacy, we are beginning a focus on writing stories set in places that the children have been. This has been launched through listening to a story set in the zoo and then completing a ‘cold write’, where the children completed an independent writing task at the beginning of our unit. This will allow them to see how much they have improved once all of the input, learning and hard work has taken place over the next few weeks.  The children worked together in partners to give each other feedback on their ‘cold write’ pieces and this will continue throughout the process. We will now be looking at what a good story looks like and create a list of features that we will need to include when we write our improved versions. You can help your child at home by sharing stories with them and talking about what makes them interesting to read.

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