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Strong work ethic

Before I mention what we have been up to recently I just want to illiterate how hard the Year 6 have worked- every single one of them! We are coming up to a potentially challenging time in the school year and all of Class Saunders are ready for the challenge!


In numeracy, we have been focusing on algebra and how simple it is (it’s just letters instead of numbers). We have been exploring how to balance out equations so that each side is similar and looking at how this links to life problems. We have continued to chant our timetables every day and to recap calculations with fractions.


To help with our confidence and self-esteem in literacy the children have been writing about what they want to be when they are older and the moment when they know they have achieved i.e. walking into an art gallery to see your work displayed on the walls. Again in SPaG we are focusing on using : and ; in an array of sentence structures.

In reading we are focusing on poems and the way the author uses and scaffolds language. We have been exploring the difference between questions asking us to find techniques and questions asking us to comment on the techniques which have been used.


In enquiry we have been composing our letters to send out regarding our sponsored event so simply watch this space…

Alongside this we have a mini enquiry focused on light. Over that past two weeks we have explored a variety of hands on experiments to find out how light reflects and refracts. We have also explored the impact on the angle of the light, the angle of the light source and the angle of the reflection- which is like how car and motor bike mirrors work.



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Wednesday, 27 October 2021