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Strong work ethic

Before I mention what we have been up to recently I just want to illiterate how hard the Year 6 have worked- every single one of them! We are coming up to a potentially challenging time in the school year and all of Class Saunders are ready for the challenge!


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Active numeracy

Class Saunders are still focused on our wrong and right enquiry centred around deforestation. We have decided to create a sponsored event in school to raise money for the charity so watch out for letters and sponsor forms coming home soon. Alongside our enquiry we have been exploring electricity and different types of circuits.


In literacy we have created a suspense story based on a video on Literacy shed called Francis. The children have learnt how to create suspense and tension through the use of punctuation for parenthesis. Why don’t you ask your child how to use a dash in a sentence? In big reading we have also been focusing on comprehending comprehension and investigating what the questions and words in questions actually mean.

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Right and Wrong


Well done to all the children completing home learning projects over half term and  thank you to all the parents who supported their child with these  projects.

This half term the children are focusing on deforestation and what we can do to make a difference. At the moment the children are enquiring about different habitats and how animals adapt to their habitats; especially habitats in the rainforests. This week the children will create a model from their research.

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Expressing Ourselves

Thank you to parents and family who came to support the children’s landing, where they presented their blogs.


The children have been exploring a variety of religions where they have focused upon comparing and contrasting stories. From immersion week the children were all engrossed in hymns and have in groups composed their own hymn which is linked to a specific religious story. Hopefully we will be able to share this with everyone in our carol service landing.

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Class Saunders Update


Firstly, I would like to once again thank all parents who are supporting their children home learning.

The past few weeks we have been looking at how to work out missing angles in; triangles, regular polygons, lines and quardrilateral shapes. Ask your child tp teach you how to work it out!

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