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Our last Enquiry

Our last Enquiry has taken us on a roller coaster of Romans and volcanoes as we discovered the myths and God's in Roman life and why this belief system had a devestating impact in Pompeii.


The children have worken incredibly hard to perservere with their learning of the Roman's. They have continually thought of new and exciting questions and been motivated to find answers. Our last weeks together as Class Chancellor have been busy creating model volcanoes which we are going to 'explode' in our Science lessons this week.


We have also had our last trip to Uncleby farm. Farmer Mike and Mrs Wray were very impressed at how their art work had improved over the 3 visits and how much the children could remember about the running of the farm. It was very drizzly but the children persevered with their art work and even made it out for a short walk to see the lambs and calves: http://uncleby.co.uk/previous-school-visits/school-visits-201617/malton-community-primary-school-june/


All we need to do now as Class Chancellor is evaluate and finish our Enquiry and enjoy our last few days together!




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Tuesday, 09 March 2021