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Landing Our Enquiry – All About Me

Class Chancellor have been thinking about our bodies and the foods that we need to keep our bodies healthy.

But, what were we going to do with all this information? Fortuntately, Miss Hughes had recruited some help from her friends so what we could put our knew knowledge to use…

Miss Hughes’ email account was inundated with emails reuqesting advice from our newly acquired knowledge!

We were so excited to get started! We used our research skills to get on it right away. We went into the Enquiry zone and starting putting together ingredients that would fit the brief we had been given.

Back in the classroom, Miss Hughes made us reflect on our choices. Broccoli with chicken, leeks and baked beans might fit all the criteria, but did it really make a tasty meal? We re-evaluated and came together with some extraordinary meals. We even got chance to cook some of them and try some new food – halloumi cheese and aubergine! Not everyone liked them but we were proud that we had a go.

Thank you again for your support at home with home learning, PE kits, gardening and trips. It is much appreciated



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Tuesday, 09 March 2021