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Expressing Ourselves


How do we celebrate Christmas now when compared to 100 years ago?

We are feeling Christmas spirit here in Class Chancellor. Our Enquiry has taken us on a journey of many religions and religious practices. We’ve wondered about Gods and Prophets, Creation and Heaven, Floods and Samaritans – but finally we’ve reached a wonder that got us all excited – Christmas!

We’re currently composing some musical masterpieces to put together into a Carol concert for you. Along with some well-known classics and mince pies to nibble on.


During this half term we have also had the pleasure of visiting Uncleby Farm and meeting Catherine Inglis a renowned pastel painter. We watched her using pastels to create a landscape piece from what see could see out of the window.

Then it was our turn. We took our paper outside and did a pencil outline, then came back in and used the new pastel techniques to fill it in.


The end products were fantastic – Miss Wilkinson is going to make a display of them all in school!

After lunch we went on a walk. We saw animals in their natural habitats as well as other habitats of nocturnal animals. We gave them lots of space so we that we did not disturb them. We also found a small stream running down the side of the hill. When we climbed to the top Farmer Jeff showed us the spring where the water was originally coming from. It was very interesting. We look forward to visiting again in Spring.

Thank you for continuing to support learning at home. Home learning is being handed out on Fridays and due in the following Friday.

PE will now be on a Tuesday morning on the build up to Christmas . This replaces swimming sessions which have now finished. Please ensure kit is in school on the correct day. Our PE lessons will return to Thursdays after the the Chritmas break.



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Tuesday, 09 March 2021