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Class Chancellor's Enquiry Landing

Class Chancellor have come to an end of their Right and Wrong Enquiry. Looking at Trophy Hunting has been very challenging. The ideas we had about killing animals for fun were challenged as we heard both sides of the story and we ended up with a 50/50 split in our room of children who agreed and disagreed with Trophy Hunting.

Our balanced arguments in Literacy took some time to write as we were researching and learning alongside our writing. However, the children should be proud of the work they achieved. Some have written nearly 5 pages and the quality of the language and sentence structures they have used is phenomenal.

Here are some highlights:


'Big game hunters say they help support local communities and conservation efforts by paying for big game hunts. However, while hunters pay lots of money each year for big game hunts in Africa, only around 3% of these funds go to local communities; and the amount dedicated to conservation is nearly negligible.' - Ollie Wilson, Year 4


'The biggest argument surrounding Trophy Hunting is centred on conservation; conservationists can argue both for and against. Some conservationists think Trophy Hunting is a bad thing: they are killing animals. On the other hand, some conservationists think Trophy Hunting is good because the money is needed to provide: adequate food; maintaining a habitat and pay wages of staff' - Corey Wiles, Year 5


'Using previous evidence I can conclude and recommend that Trophy Hunting should be banned in all African countries: animals should have a life and a family. People are killing animals. They feel the same as you.'- Eloise Myers, Year 4


We have just begun our new Enquiry: Overcoming Challenge. We've been analysing technology and how this has helped societies overcome challenge in the past. Some of us also began to think about how technology might also cause us problems in the future: why should people get paid to do jobs that robots could do? We are looking forward to getting stuck into this Enquiry.


Thank you to parents supporting Home Learning. We are trialling a new Home Learning model in Class Chancellor. The idea is to encourage iTime and to give children more freedom in the work they do at some, whilst still maintaining the same quality. It is a trial, and I would love to hear your feedback so please get in touch if you have anything worth sharing.


P.E is currently still Friday mornings; thank you to parents who have P.E kits in school on time.



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Tuesday, 09 March 2021