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Our last Enquiry

Our last Enquiry has taken us on a roller coaster of Romans and volcanoes as we discovered the myths and God's in Roman life and why this belief system had a devestating impact in Pompeii.


The children have worken incredibly hard to perservere with their learning of the Roman's. They have continually thought of new and exciting questions and been motivated to find answers. Our last weeks together as Class Chancellor have been busy creating model volcanoes which we are going to 'explode' in our Science lessons this week.

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Class Chancellor's Enquiry Landing

Class Chancellor have come to an end of their Right and Wrong Enquiry. Looking at Trophy Hunting has been very challenging. The ideas we had about killing animals for fun were challenged as we heard both sides of the story and we ended up with a 50/50 split in our room of children who agreed and disagreed with Trophy Hunting.

Our balanced arguments in Literacy took some time to write as we were researching and learning alongside our writing. However, the children should be proud of the work they achieved. Some have written nearly 5 pages and the quality of the language and sentence structures they have used is phenomenal.

Here are some highlights:

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Landing our last Enquiry and beginning a new one :)

Enquiry Update

We landed our last Enquiry: How do we celebrate Christmas now when compared to 100 years ago? – with a bang!. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch our Carol Concert. The children worked so hard writing lyrics and melodies and the outcomes were fantastic: witty, thoughtful, inspiring and informative.

If you didn’t manage to attend – here are some pictures

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Expressing Ourselves


How do we celebrate Christmas now when compared to 100 years ago?

We are feeling Christmas spirit here in Class Chancellor. Our Enquiry has taken us on a journey of many religions and religious practices. We’ve wondered about Gods and Prophets, Creation and Heaven, Floods and Samaritans – but finally we’ve reached a wonder that got us all excited – Christmas!

We’re currently composing some musical masterpieces to put together into a Carol concert for you. Along with some well-known classics and mince pies to nibble on.

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Landing Our Enquiry – All About Me

Class Chancellor have been thinking about our bodies and the foods that we need to keep our bodies healthy.

But, what were we going to do with all this information? Fortuntately, Miss Hughes had recruited some help from her friends so what we could put our knew knowledge to use…

Miss Hughes’ email account was inundated with emails reuqesting advice from our newly acquired knowledge!

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