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Welcome back to Class Beck

Hello all and welcome back to a new school year in Class Beck. I hope you have all had a wonderful summer. The children have settled in well over the first week of the term and are already re-adjusting to our class routines. They are all looking incredibly smart and ready to learn in their new school uniforms.

We are beginning our enquiry linked to the over arching theme of ‘All About Me’ and the children have spent this first week looking at the ‘Wonder Wall’, discussing with their friends and thinking individually to explore the wonders they may have. They have recorded these into their new enquiry books and will now be focusing on what they know already, immersion and generating questions to enquire into. Throughout this enquiry and all of the other learning that the children undertake, they will be closely focused on how they present their work and striving to improve this in any way that they can. We are aiming to be immaculate!

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