We have had a very busy time in Class Beck since our last update and we have a huge amount to share with you all.


We have completed our Expressing Ourselves enquiry and the children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to refine their sketching and painting skills with the expert support of Mrs Counsell. The artwork that they produced is fantastic and they have also written reflective pieces of writing to accompany these. Please see our class display in the KS2 corridor for examples of our final products. As a final outcome, the children worked to create a piece of art for our exhibition and we enjoyed sharing these with the whole school in our recent class enquiry assembly.  


We are now at the Finding Out stage of our new enquiry which is linked to the overarching theme: Right and Wrong. The children viewed videos, listened to speeches and considered photographs on the classroom Wonder Wall before taking part in class discussions to record their initial wonderings. These developed a line of enquiry into the leaders Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. Following immersion, which entailed independent research into the key events and facts of their lives, the children have worked together to create the following enquiry questions: What makes a principled leader? How and why are people treated differently? We have begun the Finding Out stage of this enquiry by conducting an information hunt in collaborative groups that has allowed the children to enquire into a range of inspirational leaders such as Mahatma Ghandi and Rosa Parks. The children have decided that they would like to create videos, blogs and songs about these leaders as their final outcomes which can then be shared with other classes and other schools or even around the world! Our enquiry will have a Geography, History and Art focus with the children being supported by Mrs Counsell to create art works inspired by their chosen leaders using printing and weaving skills.


In writing, linked to the overarching theme of Right and Wrong, we are creating our own traditional tales based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have completed phase 1 where we have explored a range of texts and looked at what a good traditional tale looks and sounds like. We have completed genre checklists to help us when we come to write our own versions in phase 3. We have begun phase 2 by creating Wanted posters for Goldilocks and then empathising with a character’s thoughts and feelings through writing an apology letter in role as Goldilocks. We are also taking part in role play where we will consider what the three bears and Goldilocks would say to each other and how they would be feeling. As part of this stage, the children are using age appropriate grammar such as coordinating conjunctions and speech marks in their writing. At the end of phase 2, we will plan our stories and collect ideas ready to write a sequel to the original story.


In maths, we are focusing on problem solving and reasoning with a range of mathematical topics such as fractions and measuring. We will be taking a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to our work this term which will help us to develop a deep and sustainable understanding of maths. Alongside this approach to problem solving, the children continue to work hard on learning number facts such as times tables and how to solve calculations in the four operations. You can support your child by helping them to complete the regular home learning and by practising times tables with them at home (there are a range of times table songs on you tube which the children enjoy).


Our recent class trip to Eureka was a huge success and the children learned about a range of scientific concepts in a hands-on, enjoyable way. They have then used this knowledge as part of their Science learning in school. Information will be going out soon about our next class trip: A visit to the countryside, which will be a geography enquiry day that will allow us to use our fieldwork skills in the real world.


 From 27th March, P.E will be returning to Friday afternoons so please ensure that kits are in school for that session.


If you have any questions or simply want to share something with me about your child’s learning, then please find me in Class Beck before or after school.


Miss Anderson