We have had a very busy time in Class Beck since our last update and we have a huge amount to share with you all.

We have completed our All About Me enquiry and our now at the initial stage of wondering for our new enquiry based on the overarching theme of Expressing Ourselves. As part of stage 2 of our enquiry we were very lucky to have two visitors in Mr Caddy and Mrs Methven, who very kindly came to be interviewed by the class about their jobs and the world of work in general. The children thoroughly enjoyed these opportunities and it helped to answer a lot of questions as part of the enquiry.

The children then moved on to stage 3 where we used all of the knowledge we have accumulated over the enquiry to create a job advert and interview questions for the final outcome of Class Beck’s Job Fair. We also presented our mini-enquiry into Ancient Egypt by recording an account of life as an Ancient Egyptian. Class Chancellor were invited to attend our Job Fair and spent time moving around each group, reading job adverts and deciding which job they would most like to apply for. Class Beck then put their newly refined interview skills into practice and asked the children a range of questions to decide if they would be successful at the role or not. The most popular job amongst the Year 4/5 children was teacher!

In Literacy, we have now completed phase 3 of our poetry lessons and the children put everything they have learned about the genre into practice in an independent Autumn poem or ‘hot write’. Our new literacy unit will be focusing on instructions. This will be linked to our new enquiry and will form part of our final outcome after Christmas. You can help your child at home by sharing any instructions you can find such as recipe books.

Home reading is checked daily and children who read four or more times each week will be rewarded with 2 house points for their efforts. Children who read for 3 times per week will be rewarded with 1 house point for their efforts. Please remind your child to have their reading record and reading book in school each day. The children have been really enthusiastic about our new home reading books and are very keen to read them. Their reading levels are recorded in their reading records but please come and speak to me or Miss Green if you have any queries about this.

If you have any questions or simply want to share something with me about your child’s learning then please find me in Class Beck before or after school.

Miss Anderson