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Happy Spring One and All!

Hello One and All!


We were really lucky to be able spend the first day of Spring in the glorious countryside amoungst nature in the search for a... Bog Baby! The Bog baby is a special character in a story that we shared during our trip. We will be doing lots of writing around this character in coming weeks. We had a wonderful day at The Arboretum near castle Howard last week. We collected lots of different materials that we have brought back to school that we thought might make a good habitat for the Bog Baby. We hunted high and low, through muddy fields, flowery paths and boggy bogs until, eventually we found it! We were lucky enough to be able to bring it back to school as a stimulus for our future writing.

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Andreae Express Ourselves!

Happy New Year to you!

We have had a wonderful start to 2017 and it has been great to be back together again with lots of enthusiasm for our learning.

This term in Class Andrea  some of us have started Big Reading! We are all very excited about meeting all the reading SPIES that will help us to learn much more about the texts we read. Ask your child all about it! We have already met Rex the Retriever. Rex helps us find the answers to questions about a text as well as summarising stories and retelling stories. In our photograph below we are retrieving information from our current text, and summarising the text into very important parts.

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That’s the way to do it!


We continue to be very busy in Class Andreae in all aspects of school life. Our Year 1 children have been dedicating lots of time to rehearsing for their parts in the school Nativity. Thank you to all of the Year 1 parents who have supported this by helping with preparations and those who are able to attend the performances.

In Literacy, we have been collecting ideas, structure and vocabulary in order to make our instruction planners fantastic. We are now experts in knowing what the key features of instructions are and we are now ready to put all our knowledge to the test during our ‘Hot Write’ this week. Ask your child all about bossy verbs and be ready to be told what to do and how to do it!

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All Steam Ahead in Class Andreae!


It has been a busy few weeks here in Class Andreae. We have been continuing with our familiar story writing and are currently preparing ourselves to write our own stories based on our Class story ‘Giraffes can’t Dance’. We had our very own Jungle Dance, mimed different African animals that might be at the dance and collected powerful words that could describe their movement.

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Who said giraffes can’t dance?

Hello and welcome back after a lovely long summer holiday!

In Class Andreae we are all really excited to be back and absolutely up for the challenges that the forthcoming year will bring. We have been discussing key vocabulary that will help us to have the best year together, and have agreed on some whole class rules that will enable us to work as hard as we can in all areas of school life.

We have a new area in our room; our ‘Spiritual Corner’. This is a space that we can choose to go to when we want to have time to be still and practice mindfulness. Sometimes we will have interesting thought-provoking questions and ideas to think about and discuss with our friends. This week we have been taking part in mindful activities and having some quiet time in the day.

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