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What food do we like?

We hope that you all had a fantastic Easter break. The children have made a great start to the term; settling back into the routines and getting stuck into this half term’s food enquiry. You should have all received a fruit survey by now and are hopefully filling out which fruits your child has/has not tried and liked. It would be great to get these completed and handed back to school as soon as possible. We have now moved onto looking at vegetables and a similar sheet will be sent home in due course.


We would like to ask you to try to get a photo of your child eating their favorite meal. We plan to use these for our food display. We would like to show children as many different types of foods and snacks as part of the enquiry. If you have any used but clean food packets, could you bring them into school for us to use.


We are keen to organise another school outing for the children, this time to the local playground on Rainbow Lane, where we will be able to have a play and eat a picnic. There would be no cost involved in this trip but parents would need to bring along enough food for themselves and their child. Although we would encourage as many parents or grandparents to come along, on this trip it is not a necessity. The picnic will take place on Monday 22nd May.


Could we once again remind parents that we have a child with a nut and cat allergy in class, so please remember to wash hands were necessary before sessions. Could we also remind you that children should be brought into nursery with spare nappies, wellingtons and spare clothing (including socks).


To find out what we have been doing day to day, please check the schools twitter account on @maltonprimary. Could we also draw your attention to the children’s online learning journeys. If you are unable to access this or have misplaced your log on details then please let us know. This is a fantastic window into what the children have been up to, including video footage and an opportunity for parents to add notes to our observations.

Nursery Entry

For those of you which have children reaching their third birthday before September 1st we will be organising a meeting towards the end of term to discuss your child’s learning. Nursery are in the process of changing their entry paperwork. We will pass this new information on when it becomes available. Open afternoons for Nursery will take place later on this month for both parents and children to come along to.




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Thursday, 16 September 2021