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2gether Nursery

Welcome to Class 2gether

Morning Session: 8.45am – 11.45am
The nursery is situated in the building opposite the school main entrance.

Parents are encouraged to come into the Nursery with their child at the beginning of the session to help them with coats and self-registration, and finally settling together on the carpet.

There is no uniform for Nursery but please dress children in suitable practical clothing which they can manage themselves when undressing or using the toilet.

If your child is to be collected by anyone other than the usual parent or carer please inform the staff in advance. Also, please notify the school if your child is absent through illness or needs to attend an appointment.

We aim to create a happy, secure and stimulating environment in which every child is given opportunities to develop emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. The nursery activities are carefully planned and structured to encourage the development of these early skills through practical ‘play’ activities.

In the Nursery we provide new and interesting experiences which encourage a child’s natural curiosity. We give children many opportunities to fully experiment with and explore their environment so that they gain an understanding of the world around them.

The Nursery staff are ‘tuned in’ to the needs of the children and have the expertise to offer sensitive, well-timed support which in turn will create further learning opportunities. Children’s progress is monitored and recorded so the needs of the ‘whole’ child can be met appropriately.

Children will also enjoy taking part in school activities and become familiar with school routine and different members of staff and children. Our nursery provides the best possible preparation for future life at school and helps with transition from the nursery to Caterpillars nursery.

We encourage a positive partnership between home and school by working closely together to support your child’s needs.

Nursery is a very special time and we believe your child will have a happy and rewarding experience in the 2gether nursery at Malton Community Primary School.

Rumble in the Jungle

The new staff members in the nursery are:

Miss Carrier – Lead Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Carpenter – Advanced Teaching Assistant

A very special welcome to all our new children who started in Class . The children have settled very quickly back into our nursery routine and for those who are new to nursery they have settled in very well and are building positive relationships with both staff and children.

The children have had an exciting couple of weeks engaging in our ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ theme. We have enjoyed reading our key text ‘Walking through the Jungle’ where we learned about all the different animals that live in the jungle and the special sounds that they make. The books we have been reading have repetitive patterns in them which have encouraged children to join in with familiar words and phrases.

We have also had lots of fun singing and dancing to our favourite jungle songs. Through this, the children have been building special friendships with other children. Children have shown an interest in the way musical instruments sound and we have enjoyed creating our own music by banging, shaking and tapping different instruments.

From this story, the children have been able to enhance their skills in expressive art and design by exploring and using different media and materials. We have enjoyed experimenting with different colours and marks and have used materials with different textures to create our favourite jungle animals, which you can find on our nursery display.

The children have been engaging in regular sensory sessions where they have had opportunities to fully explore a variety of materials such as whipped cream, flour, jelly and gloop. Exposing children to sensory play helps them develop and refine the use of their senses. Also, by giving children the opportunity to investigate materials, we are helping them develop and refine their cognitive, social and emotional, physical, creative and linguistic skillsets.

The children have been engaging in regular heuristic play sessions which are rooted in the children’s natural curiosity. It consists of offering the children a variety of natural objects where they can play freely and make enjoyable discoveries. These sessions strengthen cognitive development as well as fine muscle control and hand/eye coordination.

It has been so exciting to witness the thought processes the children display!



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Wednesday, 27 October 2021