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What do we like to do in the Summer?

The children have enjoyed our summertime enquiry; starting with a fun-filled week of adventures using their play passports, then moving onto our sports week; which culminated in our sports day. In recent weeks we have moved onto summer garden activities including a plant walk around school. Please check the schools Twitter page to check out all of the action on @maltonprimary.


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What food do we like?

We hope that you all had a fantastic Easter break. The children have made a great start to the term; settling back into the routines and getting stuck into this half term’s food enquiry. You should have all received a fruit survey by now and are hopefully filling out which fruits your child has/has not tried and liked. It would be great to get these completed and handed back to school as soon as possible. We have now moved onto looking at vegetables and a similar sheet will be sent home in due course.


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Who can we find at a farm?

I am delighted to report that the children have made a fantastic start to the half term with our new enquiry of farms. They have been learning the names of the baby animals and have had fun with the different farmyard noises. They had also been exploring which animals have hair, fur and feathers and have made a sheep mask. The highlight has been the duck getting stuck in the mud messy play activity. Children had great fun dipping their animal in the mud and making lots of muddy footprints in the tray. In the next few weeks we will be investigating what produce is grown at farms and looking into the welfare of animals.

2gether Update – January 2016

Mad about Minibeasts

2gether have had a busy start to the term with several new children joining the group. They are getting used to the daily routines of taking off their coats, clearing away and have begun the new topic of Minibeasts.

Children have learnt several new songs including; ‘there’s a worm at the bottom of the garden’ and ‘five little speckled frogs’. They have had fun searching for pretend minibeasts in the sand, water and bubbles.

Children will now be moving onto the habitats of minibeasts; painting and making models of them. We are also hoping to welcome a minibeast specialist into one of our sessions where children and parents will have an opportunity to handle some giant snails and other creepy crawly creatures.

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Mad about Minibeats

On the 29th April we said goodbye and good luck to Miss Carrier as she left 2gether to start her new jobs leading a nursery in Leeds. 2gether is now supervised by Mrs Williamson and Mrs Carpenter with Mrs Smith overseeing the provision. The routine and structure of the session have remained the same

Over the last couple of weeks the children have become fascinated by the minibeasts they are discovering in their gardens and the outdoor area. The children have especially enjoyed learning about bees. Through adult led activities the children have created some wonderful artwork and at snack time tasted some locally sourced honey. Snack for the week consisted of honey on bread, toast and mixed in with greek yoghurt. The children loved exploring the texture of honey both with their hands and their tongues!!

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