May the 4th be with you Acorns!

Good morning everyone.

Did you know that today is ‘Star Wars Day’? One of the Jedi’s codes is not to feel anger towards others. This can be hard, as we all get cross from time to time. It is also okay to feel angry about the wrongs in the world. This way, people act and do something to make the world a better place. Here is a website which helps us to understand the emotion of anger and how we can handle it.

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Acorn's Activities

Good morning

Recently, I have come across messages, painted on pebbles and wood, thanking the NHS and asking us to stay safe. They were brightly decorated with rainbows, butterflies and flowers. The rainbow has become a logo, a message of hope to cheer people up in this strange time.

If you look around your house, you will find signs and logos on clothes, food packets, bottles, boxes, and on TV. A logo is a sign or symbol that is a ‘message’ about a thing. Sometimes the logo is a word and sometimes a picture. Ask a grownup to point them out to you. Why not collect logos and signs from packets and make a collage from them? Can you match some letters to those in your name? Why not create a logo or sign for your name or something special to you?

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Acorn's activities

Hello Everyone.

We hope you have had a good weekend. In a ‘normal’ world, here are some events happening this week. 

On Wednesday 22nd it is Earth Day. On this day people wonder about our beautiful planet earth and think about ways to protect it. 
I found a fingerprint world activity which looked like fun. You could make it easier by just drawing the world outline and filling in the sea and land. Why not make insects, animals, birds and plants as well.

I loved this Trash Rainbow activity on Can you think of ideas for this day? Take a photo and we can share when we are all together gain.

On the Thursday 23, it is St George’s Day. St George is the patron saint of England. You can read about how George slayed a dragon on 
The knights lived by a code of Chivalry. This meant that they had to show mercy, humility, honour, sacrifice, faithfulness, courage and graciousness. Can you find out what these words mean and see if you can be an example of them? Why not become a knight (girls can be knights too!) and make your own sword and shield? Maybe you could create your own dastardly dragon!

For the Muslim community it is the beginning of Ramadan on the evening of the 23rd. Part of this holiday’s ritual is that of fasting (not eating or drinking) between dawn and dusk. This allows the Muslim people to focus on good deeds. It is a time of being with the family; of caring and sharing; helping the sick and needy; of not gossiping, telling lies or being greedy. No matter if you have a faith or not, there are many values in Ramadan which we can practise in our daily lives.

Quests and Challenges

Can you recognise your name? Why not have a go at writing it. You could trace it in flour or salt. Use water and a brush to paint it outside. Can you think of any other ways?
Catch a large ball. Then play a game of catch. Count how many times you can catch it without dropping it.
Make a pattern picture out of things you find in the garden. Or build with items found in the kitchen. Can you tell a story about your creations?

If you are able, please take photographs or record, in any way possible, children’s work and achievements during this time. It will be lovely to share when we are all back together.

Much love to you all

Mrs Vasconcelos, Mrs Loseby and Mrs Adderley. 


Home reading and phonics support during school closure.

Home reading and phonics support during school closure.

Hello everyone,


I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful sunshine and keeping yourselves safe and well. I wanted to share some information about support for parents and carers with home reading and phonics whilst the school closures remain in place.

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Acorn's Activities

Good morning to you all.

I have been inspired and humbled by the fund-raising efforts of the war veteran Captain Tom Moore. He has walked 100 laps around him garden. It is not a small garden. A lap is 25 metres. That means he will have walked just over one and a half miles. Not bad for a 99-year-old with a walking frame. If you don’t already know, there is the campaign to for children to send him virtual birthday cards to say thank you. Why don’t you send him a card if you are able to.

I have been looking for information on how to do this. I typed in ‘makeacardfortom’ into my search engine. I found these two sites which may help.

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