Acorn Monday Blog

Good Morning Everyone.

When I look out of the window, I see blue sky and fluffy clouds doing their best to shake off the grey. The sun is trying to say hello too. What is the weather like where you are?

Do you remember how we all practised recognising and writing our names? Well, here’s an idea... Why don’t you decorate your name ? Ask someone to help you to write your name in bubble writing. You could then spend time adding faces, arms, legs, wings, flowers or superhero masks.

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Acorns Activity Friday

Good Morning


I am so excited ! I will be moving into a new little house. While I’m waiting to move, I’m having great fun thinking about how I want it to look like. When I was a little older than you are now, I loved to design my future house. Can you design the house you would like? Will it be a castle or a cottage? What will the walls be made of? Will it have a garden? Why not put your designs onto the side of a cardboard box to make a model?

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Acorns Activities

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all okay and getting through these days. Helping me get through is by looking at all the learning and activities you have been doing. It really makes me feel glad to see smiling faces, teamwork and a ‘I can do it’ attitudes.

Here are some activities which you could have a go at.

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Useful Websites

Here are some websites which are useful to use at home:

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Closure Information

Dear Parents and Carers

What difficult times! All I can say is it is times like this that brings out the best in people, when we all support each other. Here is my school email address which can be used for information about the home learning pack. –

I am pinpointing which areas of learning to work on for individual children. If you email me, I will give you activity suggestions and information. I have enclosed a list of useful websites which I will add to periodically. Twinkl are offering a month’s free membership to all.

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