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Music Mark School

At Malton Primary Academy, we are proud to be a Music Mark School, recognised for our commitment towards giving our children the best Musical education! On this page, you can read all about the fantastic events and opportunities going on in school.

Brass Band England and Swinton Brass Band Workshop – 21st April 2023

We had some very special visitors in school last week: Brass Band England and the Swinton Brass Band came into school!
The day started with a bang with a performance for the whole school! The children loved being able to see and hear the instruments being played live in our school Hall!
Our children then had the exciting opportunity to have a workshop with our special visitors throughout the day. The children had the chance to play: trumpets, trombones, horns, cornets and more!
The day then came to an exciting climax with a showcase at the end of the school day, where the children performed their learning to the rest of the school.
MPA would like to say a big thank you to the members of Brass Band England and the Swinton Brass Band for coming into school and delighting the children with such a special day!
If your child is interested in continuing with their love of playing a Brass instrument, the Swinton Brass Band are taking on new members! Children may join the band and attend their weekly rehearsals free of charge! Please see Miss Blenkin or Miss Watkinson at our main reception for further details.


Year 5 Samba Workshop – 26th April 2023

On Wednesday 26th April, Year 5 kick-started their new Music unit (Latin Music) with a Samba and Mambo workshop with Brian Costello!
In their first workshop, the class performed as a Samba band, using a range of instruments including sudo drums, agogo bells, tamborims, ganza, reco-recos etc. They played and moved to the rhythm whilst being immersed in the culture and sound of South America!
For their second workshop, the children got into groups and improvised their own Mambo rhythms using everyday objects! They then performed their improvisations to the class!
Well done, Year 5! Fantastic progress was made on your knowledge of Latin American music and thank you to Brian Costello for running the workshops for the second year in a row!