Autumn Colours

Welcome to all our new and existing families to Class Oaks. I will be making half termly update blogs here so please continue to keep an eye on all of our activities. If you would like more information on a daily basis, please check the school’s Instagram page as I will try to make daily updates.

It’s been great start to the year in Class Oaks with us having a good chance to all get to know each other and settle into our daily routines. Children have been working hard on learning to change their shoes, zip their coats and change for PE.

Our overarching theme this half term has been the season of Autumn and we have started to look at the cultural celebrations, such as harvest time and Diwali.

The class have been enjoying our daily reading time and focused on three key texts so far; Dogger, The tiger who came for tea and Rama and Sita. Children have been developing their understanding of the language in the texts and becoming more confident with retelling the stories.

In RWInc and writing sessions children have been developing a dynamic tripod grip [Download not found] in writing their name and the Set 1 phonic sounds; s, m, a, t, d, i and n. These sound cards have been sent home to practice. We have also been working on our ‘Fred Talk’ which is their ability to hear the initial sound of words and to blend them together to hear the whole word.

Children have been provided with an adventure book which they are encouraged to draw a picture of their weekend activities, practise their name or sounds writing in as a weekly homework task. Children are rewarded for both their adventure book work and by recording their reading practise in their record on a weekly basis with a dojo (school reward system).

We have been following the NCETM mastery maths programme. Please refer to; Mastery Explained | NCETM for more information. Sessions have focused on the following;

  • Subitising to 6 – the ability for children to ‘see’ a number without having to count the objects
  • Make different arrangements of numbers within 5 and talk about what they can see
  • spot smaller numbers ‘hiding’ inside larger numbers
  • They will begin to connect quantities to numerals
  • Continue to develop their counting skills, counting larger sets as well as counting actions and sounds.

Upcoming Events

Friday 25th November – Reception Library Session

Each term we will be walking the class down to Malton Library to be introduced to the facility and have an opportunity to borrow a book and have a story time. If would be lovely to have as many parents as possible to come along with us as possible. Please let me know if you are available to come along with us.


Parents Phonics Workshop

Date: Thursday 3rd Nov either 3pm-4pm or 5.30-6.00pm

All pupils at Malton Primary are taught to read using the RWInc reading scheme. This workshop is an opportunity for parents to find out a little more about how reading is taught in the Early Years and to find out how to support your child at home. Further information will be available after half term about this event.


  • It is really important that pupils bring their reading record, book or sound cards into school every day so that adults are able to read with them and record their progress. We would like parents to record in their reading record at least once a week to let us know how your child is getting on with the new cards/book.
  • Please send the library book that they have chosen each Friday so that it may be changed
  • PE is on a Tuesday but it is easier if it stays at school until it needs a wash.
  • Pupils need to bring a waterproof coat in every day as we go out regardless of the weather
  • It would be really useful for all children to have a pair of wellies that stay in school for wet weather activities (we understand if they need to go home each day)
  • Please name every item of uniform in order that we may help your child look after their belongings


I am so pleased with how well the children have settled in and I am really looking forward the year ahead. If you have any concerns or question, please do not hesitate in talking to me at morning drop-off, collection or by email on

Mrs Miller