Speed Watch Campaign!

Speed Watch Team

Mrs Carpenter on Friday 26th August at 3pm and Mayor of Malton (Ian Conlan) and one other as members of the Speed Watch Team met in Wentworth Street. This is to catch speeders which their details go to the Police and they receive a letter. Mrs Carpenter can say they got no-one speeding but counted around 83 cars going over in the hour we were there.

On Friday 2nd September 2022

Ian Conlan, Andrew (another Speed Watch member) and Mrs Carpenter met in Rainbow lane at 7am again we got no-one speeding which is amazing, we were only checking the cars one way and we counted 41 cars in an hour. One resident came to speak to us and gave us an idea of where we need to be watching. There are a few roads we cover now these include Langton Road, Welham Road, Wentworth Street and Rainbow Lane we are looking to expand on the roads we cover. We would also like more members, if anyone is interested in joining us at various times contact Mrs Carpenter.


Please see photo below:

More dates and times will be set and Mrs Carpenter will keep the school website updated.