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Welcome to our school.


Our school is a special place. A committed team of staff are dedicated to providing pupils with exciting experiences which build on their interests and passion for learning. Our curriculum is unique to us. It integrates the school’s enquiry-led approach with the national curriculum. Our ‘curious curriculum’ is driven by an aspiration for our children to be independent learners.

We promote eight characteristics of a successful learner: perseverance, imagination, communication, reflection, adaptability, inquisitiveness, having principles and motivation. These are an integral part of the daily work we do. 


We enhance children's learning with regular experiences beyond the classroom and invest heavily in building cultural capital. More information can be viewed on our website. 


For more information about all of our work, please see the school’s prospectus.


Whatever the needs of your child and whatever special interests they have, we always do our best to ensure their needs are met. We are an enhanced mainstream provision for pupils with emotional and social needs and a team of experts provide outreach support to over 30 local schools. Whilst the provision sits within our school it is a separate facility for pupils not on our school role. 


The partnership between school staff, parents, governors and our community is one we value. We value our Parent Forum, newly formed PTA and Open Thursdays,when you can join your child in their learning experience each week. Parents are invited to join us for assemblies on Fridays at 3pm when we celebrate children’s achievements. We look forward to seeing you. 


Miss Kelly Wilkinson




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Saturday, 16 December 2017